Indulgent bar with protein in every layer

Indulgent bar with protein in every layer

New potential for protein bars
Protein bars are replacing confectionery bars in convenience stores and supermarkets. It's a trend driven by growing consumer interest in protein – increasing from 69% in 2014 to 80% in 20201.

Typically, indulgent confectionery bars provide consumers with an appealing variety of layered textures. This is not something protein bars typically, with their largely uniform mass, have been able to deliver. Yet texture has been repeatedly shown to drive consumer confectionery bar choices. For example, 7 in 10 global consumers agreed that texture gave food and beverages a more interesting experience - and textural twists were identified as a particularly useful tool when targeting younger age groups2.

Introducing an indulgent bar with protein in every layer
Lacprodan® ingredients offers new capabilities that let brands raise the protein content in every layer of their bars (from mass, to filling, to coating - without increasing the bar size), while ensuring the rich, chocolate mass remains soft and flavoursome throughout its shelf life. It's a no-compromise concept sure to capture the attention of consumers looking for a satisfying, grab-and-go protein bar that's more than a match for their favourite confectionery experiences.


Lacprodan® EasyBar makes the difference
With Lacprodan® EasyBar, you get it all: a plug-'n-play protein bar compound for producing multi-layer bars with all the sweet, creamy taste and light texture you need to keep consumers coming back for more. Based on whey and milk protein ingredients, Lacprodan® EasyBar provides the high quality of a full dairy, non-soy and non-collagen blend.

Product benefits

  • High protein - above 30 %
  • Whey and milk protein ingredients – high-quality, complete proteins

Possible on-pack claims

  • High protein *
  • High fibre *
  • Source of calcium
  • Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and bones **

New pathways to success
Combining a palette of textures for multi-layer protein bars with a soft, light and creamy mouthfeel delivers new pathways to success for health food and protein bar manufacturers – and opens new doors for confectionery brands. Bars made with Lacprodan® EasyBar are perfect for realising this potential - and for your new product pipeline, too!

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(2) Innova Market Insights, 2019
* EU Regulation (EC) 1924/2006
** Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012

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