Next generation protein bars

Upgrade to the next generation of protein bars in three different ways

Next generation protein bars

New ways to meet consumer expectations

Sports protein bars are in high demand. The global protein bar market size was valued at USD 5.792 million in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.4 % during the forecast period, reaching USD 10.332 million by 20281. What’s driving this growth? 

One of the key drivers is that consumers are increasingly making food choices that are healthier, more convenient and able to meet their specific needs.

Protein bars are being favoured by consumers across a wide variety of occasions including using them for meal replacement, on-the-go snacking or as an easy way to increase total protein intake to support their balanced diet.

Higher-quality protein, high protein content, low sugar and premium ingredients are favoured by savvy consumers who are increasingly mindful of what they eat. Delivering a high-quality protein bar with good taste and texture can often be complicated by these additional expectations. Now, we offer three protein bar solutions to help you create a final product that stands out in the marketplace and appeals exactly to what consumers are demanding.

The easiest way to protein bar premiumisation with our new whey isolate

It can be challenging for bar formulators to easily incorporate one of the most premium protein sources, whey protein isolate, into bars without spending a lot of time on the sourcing, balancing and blending of numerous ingredients.

Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar is our new premium ingredient solution that has been specially designed for protein bars. It contains a functional blend of whey protein isolate and dairy proteins and comes as a ready-to-mix product, saving you time in production. The high protein content and functionality arrive to you standardised and quality-assured, delivering an outstanding whey isolate bar every time.

At a glance – Lacprodan® ISO.WheyBar
  • Plug ‘n’ play solution
  • A premium protein bar ingredient
  • Maintains a great soft texture for the duration of shelf life
  • Reduce your total production time

Take maltitol away, ensure the same bar texture can stay

With this new bar solution, you can formulate protein bars that are sugar-free without using the sugar alternative, maltitol, which can cause digestive disturbances. When maltitol is replaced by better tolerated alternatives such as polydextrose and erythritol, Lacprodan® TexturePro ensures that the same texture can be maintained in your bar. It is now possible to produce a bar that will be better tolerated by individuals who experience these digestive disturbances, without asking them to compromise on taste or texture.

At a glance – Lacprodan® TexturePro
  • Enables you to produce no-maltitol bars
  • Keeps your bar quality consistent
  • Only low dosing required
  • Maintain a soft texture for the duration of shelf life

Lacprodan® SoftBar – 37,5 % protein, same softness

With more and more protein bar choices on the market, many consumers are finding it hard to select the right one. The two main factors that consumers may use to decide between the available options are greatest total protein percentage and the type of protein used.

Bars that are available on the market today with the highest protein levels often use a mix of protein sources such as soya and collagen. These sources are often ones that consumers avoid, which leaves them having to compromise between getting the highest protein level or the type of protein contained in the bar.

But now you can solve a hard problem with a soft solution! Reach up to 37,5% protein in your bar mass using only dairy proteins from Lacprodan® SoftBar, whilst maintaining a soft texture for the duration of the shelf-life.

Lacprodan® SoftBar offers a great taste profile and is easy to formulate with. It is the essential foundation for new protein bars.

At a glance - Lacprodan® SoftBar

  • Achieve a high protein (˃ 37,5%) bar mass, validated against a standard bar production process
  • Contains only dairy and whey protein
  • Same great taste and texture
  • Plug ‘n’ play, single ingredient solution


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