Low-fat ice cream

Low-fat ice cream

Indulgent ice cream with half the fat

Interested in reducing the fat content of your ice cream? Using our Nutrilac® whey protein solution, you can cut the fat in ice cream by 50% while still keeping it deliciously creamy and stable.

The secret is in our microparticulated whey proteins. By simulating the fat molecules, they restore body and mouthfeel when fat is taken out, so consumers can barely taste the difference.

A stable ice cream process

During ice cream ageing, Nutrilac® also plays a positive role in the fat destabilisation process, strengthening the ice cream structure. That way, you obtain the right level of overrun and creaminess with a single churning process – not to mention the rich dairy taste of our proteins.

Our solutions work well in recipes based on cream or vegetable fat and adapt easily to regional preferences. 

Your final product

  • Creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel
  • Rich dairy flavour
  • Up to 50% less fat
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