Fermented dairy dessert

Fermented dairy dessert

The fast route to fabulous fermented desserts

Fermentation is one of today’s hot trends, promising fantastic tastes and textures with a naturally healthy glow. That’s a great opportunity to create new fromage frais products in the form of delectable petit suisse.

Using our Nutrilac® whey protein, there’s no barrier to getting started.

Easy processing on standard equipment

In the past, petit suisse production was limited to producers with the special equipment required for making quark. Now, we’ve made production possible on a standard yoghurt line – faster, without investment in expensive machinery and with the taste and texture consumers prefer.

Maximum yield

The combination of Nutrilac® and our special process eliminates the need for whey separation and eliminates all raw material waste. In other words, you get 100% yield from the skimmed milk in your formulation. Faster processing also increases your production capacity and saves on energy.

Your final product

Nutrilac® gives petit suisse and other fermented desserts the creamy taste profile, quark-like texture and viscosity that consumers prefer.

Vary the fat and fruit content, and your dessert will really stand out in the store.

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