Sustainable business model for an affordable dairy drink
The GAIN Nordic Partnership aims to reduce malnutrition and stunting. The outcome of this project was an affordable, long-life dairy product for women and children. 

Affordable dairy drink to reduce child malnutrition and stunting
Malnutrition is widespread in Zambia, where around 40% of children suffer the effects of stunting. To help address this situation, a GAIN Nordic Partnership project developed a sustainable business model for local production of an affordable and nutritious long-life drink, based on milk ingredients and targeting women and children.

Our contribution at Arla Foods Ingredients was to develop the affordable drink, ensure it satisfied local tastes and train production staff at the Zambian dairy Finta Farms. Another GAIN partner, Tetra Pak, provided the UHT technology.

GAIN and the SUN Business Network in Zambia were the non-commercial partners and played a crucial role in establishing the link with local businesses and beyond for wider implementation.

Completed in 2020, the project received funding from the UK Department for International Development.

UN sustainable development goals
This project specifies a contribution to SDG 2.1, 12 and 17.17.

Collaborative projects

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