Premium, organic squeezable yoghurt for kids with Nutrilac® organic milk proteins

Treat the kids to a premium, organic squeezable yoghurt

Raising the children to have healthy eating habits is a high priority for Chinese parents. Many are on the lookout for the very best dairy snacks to give their children the nutrition they need. And so much the better if they are organic – an attribute that Chinese consumers increasingly associate with premium, natural good health and a high standard of food safety1.

Organic infant formulas are already a strong focus among Chinese parents and are the primary driver of China’s organic market2. So, it’s only natural that the interest in organic and healthy snacks for older children is increasing. The fact that China has the world’s second largest child population and an expanding – and increasingly affluent – middle class is also fueling demand for premium food products.

We’ve put together an inspiring concept to help dairy manufacturers meet demand for organic premium children’s snacks.

Organic milk proteins for a premium kids’ treat

With our Nutrilac® organic milk proteins, you can pour all the goodness of organic milk into a squeezable yoghurt. Ideal for hungry children and suitable for convenient, on-the-go formats, Nutrilac® gives yoghurt a natural protein and calcium boost without compromising the taste. Perfect for giving the kids a good portion of their daily recommended intake of calcium and protein.

Mild and milky taste

Compared to skimmed milk powder (SMP), Nutrilac® is the way to a shorter yoghurt fermentation time without compromising the mild and milky taste. Viscosity is stable right through shelf life, with no or minimal syneresis – a frequent challenge when developing a squeezable product.

Be a frontrunner in organic dairy products for children

With our Nutrilac® organic milk proteins, you can create a premium squeezable yoghurt that is specially formulated for children and meets the demands of modern parents for natural dairy goodness.

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