Natural organic fresh dairy solutions

Natural organic fresh dairy solutions

Natural organic fresh dairy solutions

Organic fresh dairy solution

Every Arla Foods Ingredients organic fresh dairy solution includes access to in-depth know-how around natural, "clean-label" formulation and parameters. And all of these innovative solutions feature: 

  • Short ingredient list to support health and quality 
  • Possibility to reach high protein levels

Below we've highlighted a few of our exciting natural organic applications. Get in contact to learn more about other application possibilities. 

Organic high-protein, milk-based drinks
Now, dairy beverage manufacturers can meet these trends, producing low-lactose, low-fat and high-protein drinks with an organic twist - and opening new opportunities to expand their natural organic product portfolio. Backed by decades of research, our organic ready-to-drink (RTD) solutions are the perfect choice for producing a UHT-stable RTD with low viscosity and neutral flavour.  

  • Organic opportunity 
  • High protein content without increasing viscosity 
  • Slow-digesting protein 
  • Low fat 
  • Heat-stable process 
  • Mild, neutral taste 


Organic stirred yoghurt 
Stable quality throughout the lifetime of their favourite stirred yoghurt sends an important signal to consumers, supporting long-run loyalty to your brand. Formulations containing our organic milk protein solutions enable manufacturers to achieve a delicious, smooth stirred yoghurt with consistent product quality throughout the product's shelf life.  

Features include: 

  • Organic opportunity 
  • Excellent, clean taste 
  • Pleasantly smooth mouthfeel 
  • Spoonable product 
  • Shiny appearance 
  • High protein options 
  • Recombination options  


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