High-protein low-fat ice cream

High-protein low-fat ice cream

A passion for protein enrichment

Healthier lifestyles are having an impact on consumer expectations for indulgence. Within the ice cream category, that means demand is going up for products that are both healthier and more indulgent at the same time.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have a passion for developing innovative solutions that satisfy your needs as an ice cream manufacturer and the needs of consumers. Our high quality, clean label ice cream formulations are designed for today’s market trends.

Test our formulations for high-protein, low-fat ice cream, for example. Using our protein solutions, you can produce healthier ice cream containing up to 12% protein without compromising taste and texture. 

Smooth solutions with clean label

A common issue when producing ice cream with a high protein content is that texture and smoothness are noticeably reduced. Our goal is to make the texture even better, enabling you to serve deliciously indulgent ice cream for protein-loving consumers.
Another benefit is the significant reduction in ingredient costs you gain by re-placing standard commodities with our protein solutions. 

Our protein solutions lift low-fat ice cream into a new class of premium indulgence, where the smoothest mouthfeel, cleanest label and optimum cost savings are all part of the package.

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