Cream cheese with Nutrilac whey protein for the Chinese market
Cream cheese

Drive a new Chinese culture for local dairy products

Launch your own cream cheese with our natural ingredient
Imports of cream cheese are rising in China where cheesecake, flavoured spreads and cheese tea are growing consumer favourites. So wouldn’t it be great to make the most of it and start a new Chinese tradition for cream cheese production?

Well, now you can. At Arla Foods Ingredients, we can help you start production right away on a yoghurt line. 

Using our Nutrilac® whey protein and high-yield process, you can produce a high-quality cream cheese with 25% fat, a clean label and zero raw material waste.

Watch the video:

Easy cream cheese made in China


Learn how to start up your cream cheese production and get ready to try it out in appealing baked cheesecake, mild toppings or creamy cheese tea.

Skyr yoghurt – could it be China’s next dairy trend? 
China is a fast-growing hub for dairy innovation. And not least for products that are healthy, satisfying and indulgent. All in one creamy spoonful.

Iceland is a good place to find inspiration. Here, the locals have produced a mild-tasting skyr for hundreds of years – high in protein, low in fat and a satisfying hunger-filler from morning to night. 

Now our application specialists have created an opportunity for you to produce skyr yoghurt. All you need is a yoghurt production line and our Nutrilac® dairy proteins to meet Chinese demand for something new and satisfying.

Download the handout. Get in touch to learn more.

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