Indulgent shakes for the active age

Indulgent shakes for the active age

Indulgent shakes for the active age

Health-conscious consumers are focused on exercise like never before, with 70% agreeing that a regular workout is fundamental to staying in good shape1. To help them reach their health and fitness goals, they need good nutrition that delivers protein and energy.

Whey fat concentrate (WFC) from Arla Foods Ingredients is made for all such needs. Rich in high-quality protein and containing twice the dairy fat of conventional whey protein concentrate (WPC), it delivers premium nutrition in a ready-to-mix format.

A new take on fat
Among younger gym-goers in particular, fat is losing the negative image of the past and becoming increasingly recognised as a key energy source. At the same time, many express willingness to pay up to 10% extra for brands that are natural and high in protein1.

The importance of indulgence is not in question. More than 30% of young adults prefer foods and beverages with a rich taste and creamy texture2

Exceptional instant protein shakes
Lacprodan® SP-7017 INS is the WFC you need to make your instant protein shake stand out in the growing market for sports protein powders3.  High in protein and fat, our premium powder is ideal for replenishing energy stores for an active lifestyle – with numerous opportunities for health and nutrition claims.

When measured for protein quality, Lacprodan® SP-7017 INS achieves an excellent Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS), which reflects how well a protein meets human amino acid requirements. The higher the DIAAS score, the higher the bioavailability and content of essential amino acids in the protein.

Easy handling, secure supply
Results from shake tests show our Lacprodan® SP-7017 INS is easy to handle and has great foam knock-down.

Use it as an alternative to instant WPC. Long-term supply security is guaranteed.

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