Our application centres

Our application centres

A track record for high customer satisfaction

Arla Foods Ingredients is proud to make some of the most advanced application facilities in the world available to medical industry customers. Our application centres, located in Denmark and Argentina, are the link between laboratory tests and large-scale production – and they have a track record for extremely high customer satisfaction.

Rapid prototyping

Used for research and product trials, each centre is fully equipped to mirror your production in a scaled-down environment that enables rapid, systematic testing of new products. And, with the majority of our pilot plant equipment custom-built for Arla Foods Ingredients by premium machinery suppliers, we can make rapid adjustments to simulate specific production processes.

Staff at our centres have industry and food technology backgrounds – and they’re in daily dialogue with our medical scientists and protein development specialists. We understand what you really need and how to get there, helping to prototype products more quickly and with a greater chance of success.

Step by step

Our heavy, on-going investments in pilot plant technology and medical application expertise ensure you can trust the results achieved and transfer recipes and process parameters smoothly and more rapidly to your production lines.

We begin by ensuring we’ve completely understood what you need to achieve. Then we define the task, establish a process and set up measurable criteria for success. Next, we start developing the solution you need at one of our application centres, closely mimicking your own production parameters.

The final solution is tested to perfection in your production set-up. And our team will be on site or within easy reach to offer technical and commercial expertise. The final result is a validated technical solution, ready for production and commercial launch.

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