High-tech, high-capacity application centres

High-tech, high-capacity application centres

What makes Arla Foods Ingredients’ dairy application centres in Denmark and Argentina the best places to take your products and production practices to the next level? Take the Danish centre, for example. It’s the base for more than thirty dairy experts, all of whom have worked in the food industry before joining the company – and all of whom hold food technology qualifications. At their disposal are unusually well-equipped pilot plant facilities with equipment designed specifically to simulate the real-life processing of everything from yogurt and ice cream to cheese, protein drinks and more.

Rapid testing
While we maintain the flexibility to work with customers in our application centres, at their pilot plants or directly on the production line, our custom-built machinery offers especially high capacity, allowing numerous individual trials to be performed in a single day. In fact, we conduct over 5,000 such trials every year – and that’s a lot of learning for the benefit of all our customers.

Providing this level of technology together with deep application expertise is an unbeatable combination. And it demands heavy capital and operating investments from our company. But, at the end of the day, application centres of this quality ensure dairy manufacturers can place their faith in the results achieved, and more rapidly and smoothly transfer recipes and process parameters to their production lines.

Worldwide inspiration
Dairy products differ widely around the world – and we’re right at home with them all. Our application specialists travel the globe, sharing knowhow with dairy manufacturers and other supply chain partners in many different contexts. This enables us, for example, to demonstrate alternative processing styles – and bring new ideas that may become a customer’s next big seller.

We’re ready to put all of these resources to work for your business. Contact us today to hear how we could help to solve your challenges and exploit new opportunities.