Sports yoghurt

Sports yoghurt

Sports yoghurt

Protein and carbs are the perfect combination

More consumers want to be able to exercise longer and more often. What they need is a fast, reenergising snack that speeds up muscle recovery and growth.

When it comes to satiety and muscle mass development, whey protein is a superior source of nutrition. That’s why we developed a concept for high-protein sports yoghurt containing 100% Nutrilac® whey protein.

To stimulate muscle regeneration even further, we added a good dose of carbs to our formula-tion. The result is an easy to digest drinking yoghurt with 28g of whey protein and 28g of carbs in each 250ml serving. 

You can also choose our stirred sports yoghurt solution, containing 16g of whey protein and 16g of carbs in a 200ml serving. Ideal for a squeezable pouch – and a convenient alternative to other protein solutions.

We have added a delicious taste, too. So consumers can fuel their muscles while enjoying an indulgent treat. 

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