Delicious protein yoghurt

Delicious protein yoghurt

Delicious protein yoghurt

Mild drinking yoghurt with a premium protein boost

Increasingly health-conscious consumers are driving up yoghurt sales in Japan. Drinking yoghurt in particular is a popular daily snack. Recognising the opportunity, many producers are choosing protein enrichment to make their brands stand out and grow their market share.

There’s just one problem.

How do you make protein-enriched drinking yoghurt without compromising taste and texture or increasing processing viscosity of drinking yoghurts?

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed Nutrilac® YO-6675 to solve this specific challenge.

Benefits for your drinking yoghurt

Nutrilac® YO-6675 is a 100% natural whey protein that:

  • Maintains a mild yoghurt taste
  • Delivers a smooth texture
  • Ensures low processing and drinking viscosity

It’s also a rich source of essential amino acids.

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Choose Nutrilac® YO-6675 and give drinking yoghurt a deliciously healthy boost.

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