Healthy through life

Healthy through life

Healthy through life

Dairy nutrition for the young at heart

Staying fit and healthy is a priority for most age groups and good nutritional choices are particularly important in supporting the cause. But there comes a time in life when a lot of people start thinking about the best diet for an active lifestyle as they grow older. For some, it begins soon after their 40th birthday.

Growing interest in active health claims

In recent surveys of 40 to 60-year-old consumers1, as many as 60% said they choose foods and beverages that deliver some protection against agerelated decline – and they’re increasingly interested in on-pack health and nutrition claims. Furthermore, most 40 to 60-year-old consumers prefer naturally nutritious foods over dietary supplements. And, as seniors tend to have the highest disposable income, they are often willing to pay a little more for food and beverage products that meet their needs.

Protein & calcium – a strong combination for an active lifestyle

Muscle and bone health are among their primary concerns as loss of bone, muscle mass and strength limits mobility and independence. By choosing a diet that provides at least the daily recommended intake of protein and calcium together with other factors such as the physical activity level, can help support the 40 to 60-year-old consumers to keep such risks at bay.

Whey and milk-based ingredients from Arla Foods Ingredients are natural sources of protein and calcium for healthy muscles and bones. By increasing the protein and calcium level of popular, delicious dairy snacks such as yoghurt, it becomes easier for mature adults to choose the healthier versions in line with their ageing concerns.

We’ve developed three premium dairy recipes to give you an idea of the possibilities:

  • Indulgent protein yoghurt
  • Indulgent protein pudding
  • Protein iced coffee

Indulgent protein yoghurt

Containing our Nutrilac® proteins and calcium-rich Capolac® milk minerals, just one 100g serving of our indulgent stirred yoghurt provides a significant portion of the recommended daily intake of protein and calcium for women aged 40+. The delicious taste and creamy consistency make healthy eating easy – all with no added sugar.

Indulgent protein pudding

Our vanilla pudding concept demonstrates the opportunity to create a convenient, healthy snack with a good level of protein and calcium, a smooth texture and a stable ambient shelf life.

Protein iced coffee

A ready-to drink concept, our protein iced coffee concept represents great-tasting refreshment for busy days.


1. Health Focus International trend survey, 2020.

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