Clean Label Ambient Yoghurt

Clean Label Ambient Yoghurt

Clean Label Ambient Yoghurt

Smooth luxury in a simple dairy snack

Yoghurt sales are growing faster in China than anywhere else in the world, with no sign of a slowdown. As Chinese consumers tune in to convenient snacks with premium quality, ambient yoghurts with a natural label are looking more and more like a major opportunity to capture a slice of the market growth.

Sound like a path your business should follow? At Arla Foods Ingredients, we can provide the inspiration and solutions to help you launch an outstanding ambient yoghurt brand. 

Five ingredients is all it takes

Our ambient stirred yoghurt concept contains just five ingredients before flavours are added.

That includes our whey protein solution Nutrilac® YO-4575 – developed to keep your ambient products smooth and stable throughout shelf life without any additives or preservatives.

Sensory panel evaluation of ambient stirred yoghurt with Nutrilac® YO-4575

To give you a taste of the possibilities, we’ve produced our concept in three flavour variations: vanilla, peach and green tea.

Delicious, convenient and simply natural.

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