Lifelong nutrition

Lifelong nutrition – specialised products for all ages 
Together with our customers and researchers around the world, we’re hard at work creating even more value from whey and milk. We apply scientific knowhow and technology to produce specialised products that help people meet nutritional challenges from early life to old age.

The very high nutritional quality of whey protein is based on its high content of essential amino acids – particularly leucine, which directly help stimulate muscle growth in humans – as well as its fast and easy absorption. It’s a powerful, flexible tool for influencing the health, well-being and physical performance of people.

Working in relation to officially recommended nutrient intakes, and based on documented effects using whey-derived ingredients, we provide ingredients that food manufacturers can use to support people with increased needs for protein-rich nutrition, primarily:

  • Babies of mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding
  • Malnourished people
  • Seniors affected by age-related muscle loss
  • Patients in hospitals or suffering a chronic disease

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