Powerful, responsible nutrition for the world

Responsible nutrition

Responsible nutrition isn’t just part of our origins, it’s our mindset.
Our sustainability journey began over 40 years ago – when our company was founded. We wanted to get more food out of the same resources by converting unused whey streams into animal feed and more.

So, we took whey from cheese-making, turning it from being a waste product into ingredients that help food manufacturers to produce more natural, functional and sustainable foods. 

And we’re still doing it now.

Together with our customers and research partners, we help to discover and deliver sustainable nutrition solutions to the food industry – and develop even better ones for tomorrow.

Supporting the SDGs
Our actions are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the two interconnected initiatives of Stronger Planet and Stronger People, our sustainability mindset is brought to life through four focus areas, closely aligned with five SDGs:

But first and foremost, our desire to support sustainability comes from within. Because what really matters is how we can best apply our unique knowhow, resources and passion to creating a more sustainable world, now and for the future.

Join us on the responsible nutrition journey
You can read about our sustainability work under Stronger Planet and Stronger People. Here, you can also explore the areas of our operations that strengthen health and well-being for people around the globe or balance negative impacts on the environment.