Xin Zhou - Head of Commercial Excellence & Product Management

Xin Zhou - Head of Commercial Excellence & Product Management

Innovation drives our growth worldwide

Since arriving in Denmark in 2003, I’ve earned an MSc. in Electronics Engineering, a PhD in Wireless Communications and an MBA. I’ve developed software and hardware for mobile phones and business development for control systems of windmills. Yet, it’s here in Arla Foods Ingredients that I really feel the spirit of innovation that Denmark is famous for. Now I want to help us use this to increase our sales worldwide.

Bringing it close to home

When my father fell ill with stomach cancer, he became very thin and weak. The doctors recommended different protein powders for him to try, but they didn’t help, so I told him to try ours. I knew how our nutritional ingredients have useful applications for people in hospital while still being tasty despite the high amount of protein. He tried it, and he said it’s the best product he ever tried and that he’ll use it forever. So of course, that made me extremely happy and proud to be working for Arla Foods Ingredients. Whenever I go to the supermarket, whether in China or in Denmark, I always look for our infant formula products. It’s nice just to see them, knowing the benefits they can bring to babies.

Innovation is in our DNA

From the beginning, I’ve found Arla Foods Ingredients to be a very fascinating transformation story. From waste to valuable ingredients. It’s a story I’m proud to be a part of. I originally came to Denmark because of the fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and also because of the Danish reputation for innovation. That is especially true for Arla Foods Ingredients. Value-adding innovation is in our DNA. We manage the whole value chain, and we can control and secure high quality all the way from the raw milk to the final product. Using scientific documentation, our specialized know-how and the latest scientific knowledge, we can guarantee consistently high quality to our customers.

Trust and communication make us efficient

A good thing about working in Denmark is the work-life balance. That’s not special to Arla Foods Ingredients, but the whole country. This means I have time to take piano lessons with my daughter. I have always enjoyed music – and I think I’m learning fast. Denmark is also famous for flat organisations with no bureaucracy. I can even involve a top manager without going through my direct manager. That makes the process efficient and agile, and we embrace both radical and incremental change as we work towards the same goals.