Rasmus Ramsgård Bjerge – Project Leader, Production and Technology Development

Rasmus Ramsgård Bjerge – Project Leader, Production and Technology Development

My AFI journey has been exciting and fun

After my first job as a plumber, I studied marine technical engineering and joined Arla Foods Ingredients as a Maintenance Technician to run utility equipment and automation. To begin my journey with AFI, I applied to a different position, but the HR manager suggested a position that would fit me better after looking at my CV. During the hiring process, I had difficulty taking the test since I have dyslexia. However, the HR manager took the test results carefully and considered the value of my personality and skills during the interview. I had a great chance to overlap with a person who had long years of experience and knowledge in the position before he went to be retired. Then few years later, I had an opportunity to challenge myself in a new sustainability energy team. I was already working closely with similar projects, so I wanted to try new tasks using my experience, knowledge, and ideas. The managers are always supportive and understanding for the employees to discover new opportunities and deliver new ideas.

Together we discover and deliver the future of dairy

Sustainability has become a very important part of AFI and our team makes strategies and action plans for the sustainability of Denmark Protein. Our tasks are strategic, collaborative, and fun. We look into our future, goals, and needs to meet the demands of energy and water that are aligned with the global goal of the Arla group. As a project leader, I can describe myself as an internal energy consultant. I discover opportunities, deliver ideas, and calculate impacts to make the project ready to carry over to the building and construction team to be implemented. I also support different teams when they have energy-related projects to be implemented successfully with the right technology and accurate calculation together with other existing equipment. My workdays are full of meetings with different teams and colleagues in a busy calendar. AFI has been growing so fast, so we have a lot of potential and opportunities to discover and deliver powerful ideas for a stronger tomorrow and smarter sustainability.

We build a healthier business and create a stronger tomorrow

Work and life balance has been an important issue for our team to be more focused on. I have a meeting with my manager every month to look into my work calendar and I can always knock on the door of my manager to discuss how to prioritize tasks and optimize workload. Being a part of AFI gives me the possibility to balance my family life and pursue my professional dream at the same time. I appreciate the flexibility that I can build a healthy foundation from my personal life to be able to create a strong work life. I am happy to live with my family in Velling, close to my work. There are nice neighbors and communities and it is also easy to reach bigger cities around when I want to enjoy city life.

We are a leader in value creation and sustainability

The great part of my job is that I can contribute to the process from developing ideas to implementing solutions. The time when the project is in action is the best moment for all of us who worked together, and we can feel so proud of our hard work. AFI strongly supports sustainability projects and we have enough resources and a solid structure with many talented colleagues to take all the ideas to actualize. AFI tries hard to be a front-runner in technology development in a sustainability journey. For the ones who are enthusiastic about technology or energy in both engineering and operation, we can give great opportunities. We hire many students as interns to give them the opportunity to work with us, and they have a high chance to continue their work in a full-time position. I highly recommend Denmark Protein to everyone who has a technical background and passion.