Lone Estrid Sommer - Corporate Marketing Manager

Lone Estrid Sommer - Corporate Marketing Manager

From the pre-digital to Teams meeting era, I grew up with Arla Foods Ingredients

During my academic years at Aarhus University, I developed a keen interest in organizational management and marketing. My journey in the professional world began at Arla in 1990. I started as a Market Analyst in Arla Foods Amba's Market Secretariat, where I prepared market reports for the leadership team. This was in the pre-email era, so reports were circulated internally in a curated manner. After a few years, I had the opportunity to participate in strategic planning for Arla's future activities in England, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Finland. I joined the Ingredients division continuing my work in analysis and strategic planning, and I got the opportunity to become a manager for milk powder. Later I participated in the project for establishing the CRM system and then I became a part of the marketing team. My career has been filled with diverse and exciting roles, spanning various areas within the organization rather than following a linear path from entry-level to senior positions. It has allowed me to experience many different parts of the business. Being part of this fast-changing area has expanded my capabilities including digital expertise and gives me great motivation every day.

Marketing team discovers an evolving and insightful journey together 

In the AFI Marketing team, our responsibilities encompass corporate branding, commercial marketing, and internal/external communication. My specific tasks include managing AFI websites, overseeing dashboards, optimizing search engines, and handling Google analytics, as well as coordinating our internal communications. We started from being an ingredients company with a focus solely on the product and the powder and then over the years moving toward being a much more end user-focused powerful nutrition company. We have come a long way in an evolving journey together and we are a strongly collaborative team. Developing and presenting our initiatives in an engaging way on our digital channels has been an insightful journey with lots of exciting changes and interactive learnings.

We collaborate to deliver a stronger tomorrow

To work in the dynamic marketing field, creativity, adaptability, communication, and collaboration competencies as well as analytical skills are highly valued in our team. We work together sharing valuable insights and supporting each other. My typical workday involves collaborating with colleagues, managing online platforms, analyzing data, and contributing to our communication efforts. I also collaborate closely with the sustainability team at AFI and Arla to shape our narrative engage with stakeholders and communicate in a more impactful manner. Being a part of such an important area with a strong and professional approach is part of driving me in my job. The working atmosphere is characterized by mutual respect and a willingness to assist one another, making collaboration enjoyable and productive. It travels across the entire organization and makes a great working environment of learning from each other and creating value together.

Embrace your chance to work and grow with AFI

AFI is a great place to work and grow where employees can prioritize their physical and mental well-being. My healthy work-life balance has been supported by Arla and AFI throughout my career which has allowed me to take maternity leave and pursue personal interests. And now, with fewer family responsibilities, I am taking part in the development and implementation of exciting projects. AFI values the contributions of each employee and we can feel the level of influence we make, together with the culture of freedom, responsibility, and trust. This unique combination allows individuals to foster both a sense of ownership and personal growth. To those who may interested in joining AFI, I would suggest embracing opportunities for growth and change. Be open-minded to take on diverse roles, and this can lead to a rich and fulfilling career experience with broad insights into the business and the organization.