Laima Liepinyte - Sales Development Manager, Asia

Laima Liepinyte - Sales Development Manager, Asia

I grew up with a diverse culture, inclusive mindset, and technical expertise

I was born in Lithuania but grew up in Ireland from the age of 10. Adapting to different cultures and people has been a natural part of me ever since. A curiosity about natural sciences and global societies has led me to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Public Health in Denmark. I reinstated my degree in natural and social sciences with quantitative expertise through a Master’s Degree in Health Economics, which I completed in Italy and Austria. Amid my studies, I had excellent opportunities to complete internships in Belgium as well as the Netherlands and this allowed me to build a strong international expertise on top of solid practical knowledge. After my studies and work experience within the public health and pharmaceutical industries, I got the opportunity to return to Denmark as I was offered a position that was the perfect opening to match my educational background together with my lust for cultures and diplomacy.

Trust, learn, and grow with the team and the customers

At AFI we learn through practice, and the tremendous trust and support make me feel competent and confident to grow with an enthusiastic and positive mindset. For the first few years, I focused on developing new strategies, ideas, and concepts and it had been a great path to learn the skills and knowledge in the sport and health nutrition industries for the APAC region. I am still growing and developing every day. This year, I relocated to Singapore, one of our regional offices, as we are placing extra efforts for development in the SEA region. My assignment involves mapping the existing industry, identifying market needs, and developing a strategy for long-term growth. I then figure out how we can meet those needs and develop them into sales. I navigate the ways we work and communicate between the headquarters, Asian regional offices, business partners, and customers. It has been a very exciting and dynamic opportunity to develop our business in different countries with vastly diverse cultures and I could have a great feeling of accomplishment.

Together we discover and deliver powerful nutrition for the global market

My team is divided into four regions, namely - Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. Besides developing and implementing strategies and products for all of our regional markets, we coordinate, bridge, and communicate between the regional offices/markets and the headquarters. I am grateful to work with terrific colleagues in a fast-paced company and to be able to add to its rapid growth. We motivate each other, care for one another, and we always have a great time together. I sincerely love the way we work together as a team and then lead to impactful business outcomes together. Being an international or an expat can be challenging, but Denmark has been my home from the day I stepped foot in it and AFI is a big part of it. Our team allows room for ‘hygge’ accompanied by a global mindset. I believe that AFI stands out from the global perspective not only for being the industry leader but also for its people – this is where innovation begins. Our people, our products, and our innovation are all unique and are setting the standard for the market.

Be ambitious and let’s make stronger tomorrow

No day is the same and daily growth is one of the greatest parts of my job. There is simply no way I can get bored and this makes me always excited to go to work. I enjoy traveling to our regional markets and meeting our local colleagues, as well as customers and it is a big part of my job. I can also take advantage of being in different cities explore different cultures, and meet new people. For those who may be interested in joining AFI, I would like to suggest to be yourself and not be scared to embrace the opportunity to work with innovative and creative people and technology. We value ambition and a strong will to learn and develop as this job takes a lot of effort to keep learning new things. Show your personality and curiosity to discover and deliver innovation in this field. We believe in people who have a strong passion for their work can learn and grow to make a stronger tomorrow together.