Ellen Wemmenhove - Lead Scientist, Deploy, R&D

Ellen Wemmenhove - Lead Scientist, Deploy, R&D

As a food scientist, I enjoy discovering how to improve people’s lives

I have been working on R&D in food companies for over 15 years unraveling the secrets of food technology and safety, driven by the desire to improve people's lives. My food scientist journey began at Wageningen University in The Netherlands, where I gained expertise in food technology, food safety, and dairy science. My career started with toxicology risk assessments. After initial work on toxicology risk assessments, I decided to develop my research skills and knowledge, and I performed a Ph.D. in food microbiology and dairy science. After developing Dutch cheese in The Netherlands for several years, I joined Arla in Denmark to develop Danish cheese. Eventually, my passion for exploring uncharted territories brought me to Arla Foods Ingredients, where I now delve into the fascinating world of whey. With the microbiology of this relatively new dairy product still largely unexplored, I am motivated to conduct groundbreaking research that contributes to the safety and well-being of infants and the elderly.

We develop solutions to support diverse teams and customers with our knowledge

I sincerely enjoy working with the R&D Deploy team, leading the microbiology research activities as a dairy microbiologist. Collaborating with diverse experts, we conduct quantitative risk assessments, develop new analysis methods, generate growth and inactivation data, and troubleshoot potential issues. Microbiology is one of the core competencies of Arla Foods Ingredients as we all aim to produce safe and high-quality products. To stay at the forefront of industrial practices and scientific advancements, I actively participate in conferences and symposia, forging connections with fellow professionals in the field. I am a member of AFI’s Micro Centre of Excellence, where we discuss microbiology and quality issues and we support each other in how to resolve these cases. I also collaborate with colleagues across different production sites. My workday presents a dynamic blend of meetings, lab trials, visits, and literature research. I am truly grateful that I can contribute to diverse projects and teams by finding practical solutions for the business.

AFI supports work-life balance and empowers employees

In AFI, employees get a lot of trust and freedom when they need to meet their deliverables, and this motivates me to improve my performance and deliver good results. Collaboration and teamwork are essential when addressing challenges, and I always take time to reach out to colleagues with a cup of coffee and a quick discussion. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is paramount to me. We are very satisfied with the decision to relocate from the east to the west of Jutland, with the opportunity to cycle to work, enjoy a house with a backyard, and access numerous facilities. Many internationals live in our municipality (Ringkøbing-Skjern), and our municipality offers various activities and support networks for internationals.

Join our innovation journey to discover and deliver powerful nutrition

Here at AFI, we have a great working culture with an open mindset amongst nice colleagues with diverse backgrounds. In R&D we are a great team of international people and together we aim to be a frontrunner in dairy ingredients with our high-quality products. Working alongside colleagues who continuously explore and seize opportunities is truly inspiring. For aspiring scientists or students who seeking to join AFI, remember that collaboration and networking are keys besides your strong educational knowledge. Check the official AFI website regularly to stay updated on vacancies. We consistently offer remarkable opportunities for those ready to embark on an innovative journey to discover and deliver powerful nutrition.