Same power, no bitter taste

Same power, no bitter taste with Lacprodan® HYDRO.PowerPro

Same power, no bitter taste

New whey protein hydrolysate - Same power, No bitter taste

Taste the difference

Introducing our new whey protein hydrolysate, Lacprodan® HYDRO.PowerPro with the same power from whey protein hydrolysates without the bitter taste! Whey protein hydrolysates are known for its bitter taste not found in traditional whey protein isolates or concentrates. With today’s consumers desire for great tasting functional products , makes it hard for whey protein hydrolysates to enter the market due to taste challenges. Now, Lacprodan® HYDRO.PowerPro makes it possible to serve up fast-acting protein products that also taste great!

The next generation of extensively hydrolysed whey protein (degree of hydrolysis range 21-27%) from Arla Foods Ingredients has been documented to be 50% less bitter than current whey protein hydrolysates on the market with a similar degree of hydrolysis1

Delivering faster muscle recovery 

Whey protein hydrolysates provide the superior benefits of whey in a more readily absorbed form, giving muscles faster access to the amino acids that are the essential building blocks of proteins.

Results from scientific studies show that the time needed for amino acid levels to peak in the blood after intake of whey protein hydrolysate is actually up to 30 minutes faster than intact whey protein2-3

Blood stream appearance of amino acids from different proteins3.

The positive effects of whey protein hydrolysates have been documented in several studies showing that athletes experience improved recovery after intense exercise when they consume whey protein hydrolysate4-7

These research results are driving an increased market demand for whey protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition products.

Global product launches with whey protein hydrolysate8

Made in Europe, this fat-free 100% whey protein ingredient, Lacprodan® HYDRO.PowerPro, contains no additives. It’s Halal and Kosher, as well as non-GMO/GMO-free*.

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