Protein-enriched juice drinks

Protein-enriched juice drinks

Protein-enriched juice drinks

Protein-enriched, great-tasting juice with a clear conscience

Great-tasting juices are ideal for replenishing the body’s sugar reserves, yet consumer caution around high-sugar choices has manufacturers looking for new ways to keep juice’s feel-good reputation alive and well.

Functional juice that tastes just like it should

What if you could give consumers the same, refreshing experience of a morning glass of juice that can also help them to squeeze in the health benefits of protein, too?

A fruitful market opportunity

Protein-enriched juices offer an exciting new wave in fortified and functional beverages. In fact, the worldwide fortified beverage market has been forecast to grow to USD 125 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of around 5.1% during the period1.

Now you can bring a new range of protein-fortified, regularly enjoyed juice products to market for the health-conscious consumer just starting their day or living it to the full. Delivering up to 6% of high-quality and natural whey protein, you’ll be able to provide, for example:

  • A new breakfast standard for the health-conscious consumer
  • A nourishing, on-the-go vitalizer for kids
  • A nutrition delivery drink for older age groups or patients needing extra protein
  • A more enjoyable, post-workout recovery drink

Add vitamins, minerals or other health-promoting ingredients to create a winning product with solid market appeal!

New health benefits from a familiar place

Products formulated with Lacprodan® ISO.Clear taste just like juice should, but that’s not the only advantage:

  • No added sugar
  • Allows on-pack protein health claims
  • Suitable for a broad range of juice types (e.g. apple, cranberry)
  • Can be fortified with e.g., vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other ingredients

Production-friendly protein

We’ve ensured that Lacprodan® ISO.Clear can be easily combined with almost all juice types, and we’ve thoroughly tested these combinations with the commonly used production equipment and parameters used for juice manufacturing, for easy implementation into your production set-up.

Help your customers to drink more juice with a clear conscience – ask our experts for formulation advice today!

1. Euromonitor International, 2020


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