Sparkling protein water

Sparkling protein water

Sparkling protein water

With the active and health-conscious consumer in mind, Arla Foods Ingredients is launching a new format of whey protein – a sparkling protein water concept. 

The concept is also ideal for lifestyle and soft drink brands that want to offer a great source of a protein in a convenient and refreshing on-the-go format, adding a new product category to the already booming high protein trend.

Opportunities in a bubbling market

Global launches of sports protein drinks have grown continuously in recent years. Looking ahead, the retail value of sports protein ready-to-drinks is expected to grow an average 8% a year up to 20221. With this concept, you can now add a new edition to the protein RTD market by launching a 100% whey protein sparkling water. 

Clear advantages to your beverage portfolio

The key ingredient is our special whey protein Lacprodan® HYDRO.365, which allows you to produce an outstanding sparkling protein water that is high in clarity and nutritional content.

Lacprodan® Hydro.365 provides four significant on-pack claim opportunities : 100% whey-based, high in protein*, sugar-free* and low energy*. For active users looking to support their lifestyles, whey protein hydrolysates ensure rapid delivery of key amino acids to the muscles for increased performance and improved recovery2.

From our concept to your new customers

Full-scale factory trials with our manufacturing partners have validated that it is possible to produce a great tasting product using Lacprodan® HYDRO.365.    

To sum up the benefits: 

  • With this concept, you can add a new edition to the protein RTD market by launching a whey protein sparkling water.  
  • Your sparkling protein water will tap directly into current consumer trends by targeting the health conscious vitamin-well segment to whom convenience, health and protein intake are a priority. 
  • By adding Lacprodan® HYDRO.365, you will get a clear beverage, with an optimized taste with low bitterness profile and long shelf-life. 

Download the handout material or get in touch to learn more. 


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2. Hansen 2015.Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 25(2): 97-109.

 *EU legislation (Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, Regulation (EU) No 1047/2012)

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