Protein extreme drink

Protein extreme drink

Protein extreme drink

Differentiate your brand with a high protein whey shot for muscle recovery

Global launches of protein drinks have increased over the last years, and sports protein based RTDs is one of the most significant and fastest growing product categories in the sports nutrition market with an average annual growth of new product launches tracked (CAGR 2012-2017) of +24,7%1.

Additionally, sports nutrition is expanding beyond its core base of body-builders and endurance athletes to those focused on health and fitness. Not only are these health-oriented consumers looking for nutritional benefits, they need convenience too. To accommodate their on-the-go needs, more RTD beverages are being introduced to the market.  

Big protein in a small bottle

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed a new concept that taps directly into the consumer demand for high protein RTDs and convenience: Protein Extreme. Delivering 20% of our pure whey protein hydrolysate in a convenient 100ml (3.4oz) serving, it’s the ideal protein shot for people on the move.


  • Convenient, on-the-go RTD
  • 20g protein per 100ml (3.4oz) serving
  • Only 98kcal per 100ml (3.4oz) serving
  • 100% high quality whey protein hydrolysate as protein source
  • Low viscosity

With its excellent amino acid profile and fast absorption, whey protein hydrolysate is proven to support muscle recovery. The combined benefits of whey protein hydrolysate makes it ideal for athletes and gym-goers who count on training to give maximum gains. 

On-pack nutrition claims

Our Protein Extreme concept provides the following on-pack claim opportunities: 

  • High in protein
  • High in calcium  
  • Fat-free  
  • No added sugar* 

*contains naturally occurring sugars


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