Beta-lactoglobulin is the key component that makes whey protein such a potent protein source for delivering muscle growth and maintenance.

Casein Glycomacropeptide

Casein Glycomacropeptide is a natural alternative to synthetic amino acids in the PKU diet. Our casein glycomacropeptide is a rich source of protein-bound sialic acid, making it possible to increase the sialic acid level of infant formula to levels more similar to human milk.


Hydrolysate is easily digestible and speeds up muscle recovery. Our whey proteins are hydrolysed, or ‘pre-digested’, to produce smaller peptides that are quickly absorbed, so they get to muscles faster.


Osteopontin supports immune development in formula-fed infants. Osteopontin plays a part in the development of infant immune functions, promoting maturation of the immune system and protecting against pathogenic infections.


Alpha-Lactalbumin brings infant formula closer to human milk.
Alpha-Lactalbumin can be used within the areas of humanisation, gastrointestinal health, low-protein and comfort formulations.

Milk Fat Globule Membrane

Milk Fat Globule Membrane improves cognitive development in formula-fed infants. A unique protein and lipid profile including compounds such as lactoferrin, IgG, sialic acid, phospholipids and gangliosides.

Acid whey

Specialty whey ingredients turn acid whey into a new, value-adding raw material. Our R&D has investigated the possibilities to produce fermented whey drinks, cream cheese and desserts using acid whey with specially selected proteins.  


Permeate contributes to affordable, more nutritious food for low-income regions.


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