Strong on Science

Documented benefits from qualified specialists

Being strong on science starts with specialised understanding of our milk-derived raw materials, enabling us to conduct explorative nutrition research into the potential health benefits of new ingredients. From this starting point, we put great effort into understanding and documenting the nutritional and physiological effects of our ingredients.

Our scientists are highly educated, experienced researchers within multiple fields of nutrition and health. We adhere to established codes of ethics1 and conduct nutrition and health research using valid and state-of-the art methodologies, including pre-clinical animal models, and rely on human clinical trials to document the mechanism of action and benefits in relevant target populations.

The knowledge we generate through such research helps to support our customers’ product development teams, while fueling our own new ingredient discovery and development processes.

We actively engage in global nutrition science communities, keeping up with research trends and the latest discoveries and new technologies, and collaborate with many leading universities and research organisations to conduct nutrition and health research that can identify exciting new nutrition opportunities.


1. Read more about our Research Integrity Policy here.

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