Whey proteins for holistic hydration

Whey proteins for holistic hydration

Whey proteins for holistic hydration

Holistic protein water with a clear difference  

Refreshing protein waters are a popular choice in global markets. Simple and convenient, they’re an efficient combination of hydration and nutrition – and increasingly appealing to consumers who are taking charge of their health.  

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we know that taste is almost everything. That’s why we designed Lacprodan® ISO.Water and Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake to go the extra mile. With our innovative protein solutions, global beverage manufacturers have a matchless opportunity to deliver essential nutrients with a great flavour and no hint of dryness – all in one holistic package.

A great way for manufacturers to expand sales in the promising clear protein water category.

Clear wellness

Our high-quality whey protein isolates enrich clear, ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix beverages with essential and branched chain amino acids and work well with added vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients. Perfect for consumers who want convenient, all-round nutrition that supports physical and cognitive wellbeing. 

Inspired flavours   

Delicate botanical flavours are on-trend and entirely suitable for protein waters made with Lacprodan® ISO.Water and Lacprodan® ISO.WaterShake. Free of protein off-tastes, brand owners can tempt consumers with irresistible flavour variants – inviting them back for a new experience.  

Try our tempting concepts  

Sounds like a protein solution with potential? Our application scientists have developed three concept ideas that demonstrate the possibilities in RTD and RTM formats.

Download the handout to find out more or reach out to our experts.


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