Infant nutrition for cognitive development and performance



婴儿是最脆弱群体,应给与最好的产品喂养。其饮食在确保健康生命开端方面发挥着巨大作用,不仅支持生长发育,而且也有利于确保日后的健康成长。母乳的营养成分和促进生长和健康发育的生物活性因子特别适合婴儿。Arla Foods Ingredients支持世界卫生组织提出的婴儿出生后前六个月进行纯母乳喂养的建议。然而,并不是所有母亲都能或有机会母乳喂养,因此给予她们最好的选择非常重要。因此,选择合适的婴儿配方奶粉是父母或监护人代表孩子作出的最重要的一项决定。








Infant formula ingredients
Babies are the most vulnerable population and they deserve the very best. Their diet plays a huge role in ensuring a healthy start to life, not only to support growth and development, but also to ensure optimal health outcomes later in life. Human milk is specifically suited to infants, both in its nutritional composition and in the bioactive factors that promote growth and healthy development. Arla Foods Ingredients supports WHO’s recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. However, not all mothers can, or have the opportunity to breastfeed, making it important to give them the best alternative. The selection of an infant formula is, therefore, one of the most important decisions a parent or guardian will make on the child’s behalf.

We are committed to bringing infant formulas closer to providing the best alternative to human breast milk by identifying, developing and documenting the benefits of bovine milk ingredients that can narrow this gap. Understanding and identifying essential components from human and bovine milk is important to develop the best nutritional strategy for formula-fed infants.

Our primary focus areas when it comes to ingredients for infant and baby formula

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a range of scientifically documented ingredients that closely mirror key functionalities of human milk. When used in infant formula, these ingredients contribute to the healthy growth and development of formula-fed infants and babies. 

Ongoing product development

Our driving force is our commitment to meet the needs of infants by creating the best ingredients for infant and baby formula. We continuously strive to improve our ingredient portfolio by investing in research and development of new fractions of milk proteins. We have also been the first to market with a number of milk-based innovative ingredients. For example we offer an MFGM ingredient with clinically proven cognitive effects, and we hold the patent for osteopontin, both important components of breast milk.

Arla Foods Ingredients supports the WHO recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life and continued breastfeeding up to the age of two or beyond in combination with nutritionally appropriate complementary foods.