Combination of health and enjoyment in our fresh and fermented dairy products

Fresh dairy products

Fresh dairy products
With our fresh and fermented dairy products, we have combined health and enjoyment in one. All you need is a standard yoghurt production line to make yoghurt, petit suisse and other fermented dairy products and desserts that match consumer trends and improve your competitive edge. Whether you want to reduce the fat or raise the protein content, our natural Nutrilac® functional milk proteins will make your recipe work – all while securing a high level of creaminess, great body and a delicious dairy taste. 

Adaptable to your needs
Nutrilac® solutions adapt to almost every need, whether for milk reconstitution or viscosity control. Excellent water-binding properties help maintain the high quality of fermented dairy products during shelf life.
Most importantly, you can use Nutrilac® on your existing production lines. Each of our solutions is thoroughly tested in a wide range of fermented dairy products prior to launch. In this way, we can always be sure that the solutions we recommend will deliver significant benefits to your business.

Supporting healthy living
With its naturally nutritious image, yoghurt is ideal for responding to today’s health and wellness trends. 

Fresh dairy products' solutions