Whey-based solutions for the bakery industry
Industrial bakeries

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Whey-based solutions for the bakery industry
Functional whey proteins provide a powerful, clean-label way to improve bakery product quality – especially cakes – without changing your entire production setup.

Nutrilac® will define your baking
Use our Nutrilac® protein solutions to substitute eggs, enhance textureair incorporation, moistness and freshness in your bakery products. We can also support your gluten-free production and need for protein or calcium enrichment.

Variolac will help optimise dairy solids
Replace costly milk solids with Variolac whey permeate and benefit from its plesant milky taste and excellent powder properties.

Whatever your goal, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We can provide fully equipped pilot plants and skilled application specialists who combine their food technology expertise with solid bakery backgrounds.