Issue 49

FIE 2015


Food Ingredients Europe jury chooses low-calorie yoghurt concept for weight management

A new concept for low-calorie yoghurt made a big impression on the jury at the 2015 Food Ingredients Europe Awards. So, when the Arla Foods Ingredients team travelled home from the event in Paris, it was with the award for best dairy innovation in their luggage.
Developed for the weight management market, Nutrilac® LowCal is a new opportunity for food manufacturers to launch stirred and drinking yoghurts with approved nutrition claims on the packaging.

‘Low in calories’ and ‘high in fibre’
The concept includes two formulations made with whey protein or with whey protein and prebiotic fibre – qualifying for a ‘low in calories’ and ‘high in fibre’ claim, respectively.
Whey protein and prebiotic fibre are both documented to give consumers an increased feeling of fullness, supporting a weight management diet.

Indulgent with next to no fat
What also impressed the FiE jury about Nutrilac® LowCal was the indulgent, creamy taste and mouthfeel of the yoghurts – despite having a fat content of just 0.2%.
“Many low-fat yoghurts have a poor texture and dry sensation. With Nutrilac® LowCal, manufacturers can produce yoghurts that are rich and creamy, with no need for added starch so a clean label is easier to achieve,” says Torben Jensen, fermented dairy product category manager at Arla Foods Ingredients.

Naturally healthy dairy
Natural dairy products have a healthy image in the weight management sector, but there are currently very few on the market. With global sales of weight management products at around US$158 billion in 2014, according to Euromonitor, Nutrilac® LowCal has strong business potential.
“Dairy companies can use our concept to create snacks and meal replacement options that consumers will really enjoy,” Jensen states.

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