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One ingredient with multiple benefits for bakery brands

Arla Foods Ingredients’ new platform brings bakeries closer to consumer trends

Consumers are not only looking for bakery products with a good taste and texture. Nutritious ingredients, clean product labels and free-from claims increasingly play a role in today’s purchasing decisions.

The new ONE INGREDIENT - MULTIPLE BENEFITS platform from Arla Foods Ingredients is a direct response to today’s wider consumer demands. The platform’s ONE INGREDIENT is Nutrilac® – a range of functional milk proteins with a proven track record for solving challenges in bakery processes and supporting the production of high-quality cake and breads.

However, the MULTIPLE BENEFITS go far beyond that.

Building brand loyalty
Global sales manager John Kjær explains: “Of course everyone in the bakery industry is interested in maximising the appeal of their final products.
“What we want to communicate with our new platform is that we can help our customers build loyalty to their brand by targeting consumer trends and expectations more closely, for example through products that are free of artificial ingredients and aligned with health trends.

“Our market insights, processing knowledge and the expertise behind our Nutrilac® ingredients are key to providing that support.”

New opportunity with gluten-free
One of the biggest consumer trends today is gluten-free. Using the latest addition to the Nutrilac® range, it is now possible to produce gluten-free cake and breads with a similar quality to traditional wheat-based products.
Nutrilac® can also meet market demands for protein and calcium enrichment.

Arla Foods Ingredients launched ONE INGREDIENT – MULTIPLE BENEFITS at IBA 2015 in Munich. Read more about the platform here.

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Did you know...
Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new healthy snack cake concept made with 10% whey protein, 200mg calcium and just 100 calories in each 21g serving.