Issue 47

Drinking yoghurt

Healthy dairy products matching our dynamic world

The drinking yoghurt market is expected to grow more than 30% in Asia and Western Europe over the next four years. This development is driven by a shift in consumption habits. People with busy lifestyles increasingly prefer to consume smaller meals on-the-go – making drinking dairy products in convenient packaging an appealing option. However, to match consumers’ demands, these products must also support a healthy lifestyle by including essential nutrients. Using Nutrilac®, you can seize the opportunity to produce healthy drinking yoghurts that meet these needs.

Define your own drinking yoghurt
You gain free rein to define the viscosity and texture of your drinking yoghurt when using our Nutrilac® proteins. Nutrilac® is an efficient water-binder, allowing you to avoid potential defects such as dryness and graininess and give your product a natural taste and creaminess. Our protein solutions even eliminate acid-whey waste, ensuring 100% yield from the milk.