Issue 46

Ice cream specialists share dairy protein knowledge

Arla Foods Ingredients sponsors Tharp & Young technical training in 2015

Why does ice cream turn cold, watery and crystallised when whey powder is added to the recipe? Ice cream manufacturers can learn the answer during the 2015 technical training courses run by international ice cream gurus Bruce Tharp and Steve Young.

Arla Foods Ingredients will share knowledge about milk and whey proteins as sponsor of two Tharp & Young five-day courses scheduled for the USA and Singapore. 

“Proteins have very different functional properties in ice cream depending on whether they are derived from milk or whey,” says regional sales manager Mads Bjerregaard Larsen, who will make a presentation at both events.

“While the large casein molecules from milk provide high creaming stability, whey proteins are smaller and more sensitive to heat. This means they do not promote the desired network formation.”

The result is the common quality defects that occur when whey powder is used as a cost-effective source of milk solids in ice cream production.

Finding the optimum whey proteinsLarsen will take course participants on a journey through the specialised dairy processes that produce tailored whey proteins for ice cream with optimum creaminess, stability and melting properties.

The Tharp & Young ‘On Ice Cream’ courses target everyone working in the ice cream industry, from product development through quality assurance and production to marketing and sales.

Visit to sign up for the courses at the National University of Singapore on 22-26 June and the North American Edition in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2- 4 December 2015