Issue 45

Dairy proteins help make up Mexico’s milk shortfall

In Mexico, the high-protein trend arrived with the rising popularity of Greek yoghurt

Functional dairy proteins help milk go further in Mexico, where domestic milk supplies fall short of demand. As yoghurt and cheese sales continue to rise in the Latin American nation, many dairy manufacturers are looking to Arla Foods Ingredients for support.

Responding to that market situation, Arla Foods Ingredients showcased a series of protein solutions at the 2014 Pan-American Dairy Congress held in Querétaro. Around 2,000 players from the regional dairy market attended.

More yield and less fat
Two of the solutions target the production of cheese with increased yield and lower fat – strategies that both optimise the use of dairy raw materials and reduce cost. The third solution presented – Nutrilac® FastRipe – creates an opportunity for manufacturers to save costs by speeding up the cheese ripening process.

Two concepts for yoghurt
For the yoghurt sector, where Euromonitor International predicts annual value sales growth of 5% up to 2018, Arla Foods Ingredients brought two concepts to the table.

Nutrilac® Hi-Pro Improvers meet the ongoing trend for high protein addition, boosting protein levels up to 10% with no negative impact on taste and texture“

In Mexico, the high-protein trend arrived with the rising popularity of Greek yoghurt. We sell a range of solutions to stirred and drinking yoghurt, “ says Arla Foods Ingredients key account manager in Mexico, Ana Landeros

Useful waste
To utilise the high volumes of acid whey waste left over from the manufacture of strained products such as Greek yoghurt, petit suisse and quark, Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a prize-winning concept for refreshing fermented beverages.

Supported by Nutrilac® proteins, acid whey is the main ingredient in the beverages, ensuring manufacturers make the most out of their milk raw material.

Ana Landeros confirms that all solutions and concepts attracted considerable interest at the Pan-American Dairy Congress.

“In Mexico we have a tradition for working with proteins due to our lack of milk. Arla Foods Ingredients is well known in the dairy industry as a specialist producer,” she says.