Issue 42

Natural drinking yoghurt kicks the E-number habit

Arla Foods Ingredients introduces clean-label alternative to traditional stabilisers

Fresh dairy products

Drinking yoghurts with a natural claim reached new heights of popularity in 2013, with the market research experts at Mintel reporting 35% growth in product launches.  This year Arla Foods Ingredients expects many new drinking yoghurt formulations to include a functional milk protein that helps manufacturers respond to the natural trend.  

Nutrilac® YQ-5215 serves as a unique, clean-label alternative to traditional stabilisers such as pectin.

Adaptable to local tastes
“We experience a growing demand from manufacturers who wish to remove the pectin from their recipes. Using our protein, it is possible to produce yoghurt with a natural profile and perfectly adapted to the preferences of individual markets,” says Torben Jensen, application group manager.  Stabiliser addition is widely accepted as a means of countering whey separation and sedimentation in drinking yoghurt. This maintains an appealing appearance and homogeneous texture throughout shelf life.

Stable and refreshing
Arla Foods Ingredients has tested Nutrilac® YQ-5215 against pectin in low-fat formulations with 1%, 2% and 3% total protein content. In all cases, the functional milk protein performed on a par with pectin, providing the necessary stability to prevent separation and ensure a refreshing, clean mouthfeel.