Issue 42

China makes better nutrition a high priority

Arla Foods Ingredients seminar shares the latest nutritional knowledge with Chinese food manufacturers

China’s reform of governmental institutions in 2013 leaves no doubt that nutrition and health are high on the national agenda. Accompanied by legislation focused on higher standards of infant formula and elderly welfare for example, recent developments are spurring the Chinese food industry to seek new nutritional opportunities. The drive towards more functional food was clearly reflected in the record attendance figures at the fourth annual Arla Foods Ingredients nutrition seminar in Beijing. 

Common platform
“We expect a lot of innovation within food safety and disease control in China, and both areas are closely linked with nutrition,” says Shiti Guoji, general manager of the Arla Foods Ingredients Beijing office. “Over the few years that we have held this seminar, we can already see that it is becoming a recognised common platform for our customers, nutrition scientists and the Chinese nutrition experts, who report to the new Ministry of Health and Welfare, established last year. ”In view of the high interest, the next seminar will be held over two days instead of one, making room for more knowledge to be shared among double the participants.

Science and trends
The 80 attendees – 50 of them customers – took part in a packed, one-day programme with an international line-up of presenters. Subjects included the role of whey proteins in infant nutrition and type 2 diabetes diets, components of human milk, and key nutrition and health trends in China. Presentations of the latest scientific findings covered the impact of nutrition on early-life intestinal development, and health care and nutrition among Chinese women and children.“Infant nutrition is an established focus area. Now our customers clearly want to step up their efforts in respect of diabetes and the elderly, due to the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes and the growing elderly burden,” says health & performance business development manager Vivian Kjær Jensen.

Food quality standards
Before Chinese food manufacturers can make full use of the opportunities that Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey-derived products provide, the Chinese authorities must recognise Denmark’s food quality standards as being as high as their own.

To this end, the programme also included a talk by a representative from the Danish embassy in Beijing, who gave an insight into Denmark’s food safety legislation.  Paediatrics business development manager, Jakob Madsen Pedersen, comments: “Many of our customers in China already use us to benchmark themselves in relation to scientific trends and world markets. Information about how we work with food safety is another aspect that makes Arla Foods Ingredients stand out as world class.”

The next Arla Foods Ingredients nutrition seminar will be held in November 2014.For more information, contact Vivian Kjær Jensen, Business Development Manager Asia, email: or Jakob Madsen Pedersen, PhD, Business Development Manager, email: