Issue 41

Whey joint venture prepares to start operations

Extra whey protein supplies equip Arla Foods Ingredients to meet market demand

Market availability of whey-derived proteins is set to go up in 2014 when lorry loads of whey protein concentrate (WPC) start the daily journey from a new joint venture facility in Germany to further processing in Denmark. The joint venture with DMK, Germany’s largest dairy company, will supply the Arla Foods Ingredients whey processing plant with more than 15,500 metric tonnes of WPC retentate a year. Here, the whey volumes will be transformed into functional and nutritional ingredients – helping to quench market demand and offering customers improved security of supply.

Whey quality control
Currently under construction on the site of DMK’s large cheese dairy in Nordhackstedt, the new facility is scheduled to commence operations in May 2014, reaching full capacity in July. All the whey from the dairy’s cheese production will be channelled into the facility for initial processing prior to transport. “The joint venture gives us access to large volumes of fresh whey from a single source. This enables us to ensure the uniform quality of the whey before we send it to Denmark,” says Hans Jørgen Lauridsen, who is leading the building project.

Premium quality lactose
In addition to WPC retentate, the facility is equipped to produce lactose of the premium quality required by the infant nutrition industry, including dry-blend lactose. “We have worked closely with our equipment suppliers to design the optimum lactose process,” Lauridsen says. Work on the German facility commenced shortly after DMK and Arla Foods Ingredients established their joint venture company ArNoCo GmbH & Co. KG.