Issue 39

Whey processing partnership is a win-win

New supplies of whey protein and permeate enter the growing market

Thousands of tonnes of whey from the production of Jarlsberg cheese are now finding their way onto the international food market as high-quality whey protein and permeate.
Produced by Norway’s largest dairy cooperative TINE with the support of Arla Foods Ingredients whey processing expertise, the new product flow is a welcome addition to global supplies.
The products are distributed through the Arla Foods Ingredients sales organisation.

More value and volumes
“Demand for whey proteins is growing at a rate of 5-8% a year, partly in response to today’s high-protein trend but also due to increasing use in mainstream food products,” says Brian Petersen, category director.
“So it is a good win-win solution when we can work together with TINE to help them maximise the value of their whey by-product and, at the same time, boost the high quality volumes available to our customers.”
As part of the agreement, TINE has invested in new whey processing and spray-drying facilities at two of its dairies. The combination of Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey processing expertise and TINE’s skilled workforce has created a state-of-the-art operation.

Improved supply security
While the whey protein meets well-established expectations for high quality, free-flowing permeate with a pleasant dairy flavour has more recently brought a new quality standard to the market.
Once the TINE’s new facilities get up to full speed this summer, supplies of free-flowing permeate from Arla Foods Ingredients will reach an improved level of security, with permeate production in place at several sites.
“Our partnership with TINE has given us important experience of value to future endeavours, where we hope to enter further mutually beneficial partnerships of this kind,” Petersen says.