Issue 38

Whey protein hydrolysate gets green light in China

Approval opens doors to sports and infant nutrition

China’s approval of a whey protein hydrolysate from Arla Foods Ingredients gives food manufacturers a new opportunity to market food products with a dairy point of difference in the country. 

The approval recognises the use of Lacprodan® 3065 in mainstream foods. So far, it is the only dairy ingredient of its kind to be endorsed by the Chinese authorities. “We see this as an opening for our customers to start using whey protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition and infant formula for easy digestion and the prevention of allergy,” says Jesper Villadsen, nutrition project manager responsible for ingredient registrations in China.

Lacprodan® 3065 is documented for its high digestibility and ability to accelerate muscular recovery after exercise. As the Chinese approval does not cover these effects, manufacturers may not yet claim a health benefit when using the ingredient in their products. However, the opportunity to write ‘whey protein hydrolysate’ on the product label is an important step forward.

Shiti Guoji, general manager in China, expects the approval to bring a rapid rise in sales – both among local food manufacturers and international manufacturers that export to the market. “Dairy ingredients are only just becoming known in China and are seen as being very advanced. With this approval, we can give customers clear information about what they can write on their product labels,” he says.