Issue 38

More high-value ingredients enter the market

Extra processing capacity is up and running at whey processing plant

DPArla Foods Ingredients starts 2013 with much more to offer customers. Following the start up of its expanded whey processing plant in Denmark, production capacity has taken a large upward leap. So much so, that site management has even exceeded its own expectations.

The explanation lies in the optimisation of the existing plant that has taken place while building work was underway last year. Efficiency improvements mean the overall processing capacity for the speciality protein Lacprodan® Alpha-10 has now increased 120% overall – instead of the 80% originally planned.
At the same time, processing capacity for Lacprodan® CGMP-20 has increased ten-fold, on top of the doubling of capacity implemented in early 2012. A wide range of food applications will also gain from the increased production of functional milk proteins.

According to site director, Erik Vesløv, customers are already waiting in line to buy the extra volumes.“We had wondered how we would bridge the gap when we moved from one capacity to another. Fortunately, it looks like our expansion has followed customer demand,” he says.

DP1During the course of the building work, the plant has gained a new spray-drying tower and advanced filtration equipment. Testing was completed at the end of December.
The plant requires 25% more raw whey protein in order to reach full capacity. This is to be supplied by the new joint venture processing facility, established by Arla Foods Ingredients and German dairy company DMK.