Issue 38

Norwegian whey venture goes into production

Arla Foods Ingredients in whey processing partnership with TINE

New whey processing facilities are ready for start up at two dairies in Norway, where Arla Foods Ingredients had a well-functioning partnership with the dairy company TINE since 2008.

JaerenDuring 2013, the plants will bring fresh supplies of whey protein concentrate and whey permeate to the global market. Arla Foods Ingredients has supplied the whey processing expertise to ensure the efficient production and high quality of the whey products, which will be sold through the company’s global sales network.

TINE has invested in the production facilities, including a complete whey processing plant at its dairy in Jaeren, which thereby has become Norway’s biggest, and a new spray-drying plant at its Verdal dairy. Both plants have spray-drying towers for both whey protein and permeate.

Whey raw materials will be supplied by TINE from its annual production of 46,000 tonnes of yellow cheese.