Issue 36

Special diets gain wider access to bioactive whey peptide

Capacity expansion steps up production of Lacprodan® CGMP-20 for PKU diets

Production of the highly bioactive whey peptide suitable for people with the rare genetic disorder phenylketonuria (PKU) has doubled at the Arla Foods Ingredients plant in Denmark.

The new, higher capacity processing line is the first step towards making Lacprodan® CGMP-20 more widely available to manufacturers of PKU nutrition. In 2013, additional investment will see a further quadrupling of production capacity. Lacprodan® CGMP-20 was launched in 2010, the first caseinoglycomacropeptide product on the market. With its extremely low content of the amino acid phenylalanine, it matches the special dietary requirements of PKU patients.

Improved quality of life
“Commercial availability of CGMP makes it possible to provide PKU patients with the amino acids they need in real food products rather than in a liquid blend,” says Trine Trúgvason, operating engineer. “Opportunities to produce bread, pasta, desserts and milky drinks that are low in phenylalanine and have a good taste represent a major improvement in quality of life.”

Low-protein need
PKU patients lack the enzyme to break down phenylalanine, an amino acid present in all protein containing products, such as meat, milk and eggs. Unless patients follow a low-protein diet, phenylalanine builds up in the brain, leading to serious side-effects such as brain damage and progressive mental retardation. 

The new, automated processing facility at Arla Foods Ingredients has been designed in-house. Rigorously selected whey raw materials and strict process control ensure CGMP of the highest purity.