Issue 36

Egg shortage raises interest in bakery alternatives

Milk-based egg replacers from Arla Foods Ingredients draw the crowds at online conference

The impact of the EU Welfare of Laying Hens Directive, enforced from 1 January this year, has stepped up interest in Arla Foods Ingredients’ egg replacement solutions for the bakery industry. Faced with a long-term egg shortage, more bakers are turning to egg alternatives based on functional milk proteins. 

Bakery VirtuelSenior manager John Kjær presented the latest developments at a webinar on the subject during the Bakery Formulation 2012 virtual conference. With more than 350 food industry representatives participating or viewing afterwards, the webinar was particularly well attended. More than 700 visited the Arla Foods Ingredients virtual stand.
“Our egg replacement sales have risen dramatically this year, benefited by our new sales setup, which ensures a rapid response to customer inquiries,” Kjær remarks.
“This high level of interest was reflected in the webinar, where we received many questions about our bakery solutions. The virtual conference proved an excellent forum for communicating our competences to existing and potential customers and learning more about their needs.”

Questions touched upon aspects such as the egg replacers’ clean label status, shelf life, price and food safety. Others focused on the opportunities to use the solutions in a broad range of bakery applications. “It is widely known that our functional milk proteins can replace the egg in muffins, sponge cakes, pound cakes and so on. In fact, they can be adjusted for use in almost any bakery formulation, including doughnuts, pancakes and waffles,” says Kjær. 

Most bakers still prefer to choose a 50% egg replacement solution. However, Kjær adds, successful egg replacement is possible right up to 100%.