Issue 35

Nutritional ingredients on the road to approval in China

Arla Foods Ingredients’ second nutrition seminar attracts customers and experts from China’s ministry of health

China’s huge infant and adult nutrition market came another step closer at the second annual nutrition seminar hosted by Arla Foods Ingredients in Beijing. Nutrition experts from the Chinese ministry of health and customers from all over China attended the one-day event to learn about and discuss the latest developments within whey-derived speciality ingredients for health and nutrition.

For Arla Foods Ingredients, the annual seminar is a key element in the ongoing effort to obtain ministry of health approval for the company’s nutritional ingredients. “There is huge potential in China as the economy improves and consumer awareness of nutrition and quality grows. We have to create awareness of our products and confidence in their safety and documented nutritional effect,” explains Jesper Villadsen, business development manager.

Impressive research results 
Including presentations on how milk ingredients may narrow the gap between breast- and formula-fed infants; benefit chronic stress and memory; and contribute to infant intestinal maturation, the event inspired lively discussions. Particularly a presentation on human milk research by the milk powder R&D director from one of China’s largest food companies, Yili, encouraged a spirit of openness.


Most importantly, it served as a clear demonstration to the government-appointed nutrition experts that local food manufacturers are high interested in applying Arla Foods Ingredients’ solutions. “The experts are appointed by the ministry of health to make recommendations about which ingredients should be considered for approval,” says Villadsen. “Each ingredient must be approved for use in each, specific application.”Potential for higher salesLacprodan® Alpha, Lacprodan® CPP and Lacprodan® WPC are already widely used by the Chinese food industry. But only when the government has given its stamp of approval is it possible for manufacturers to promote nutritional claims actively in their marketing. This will benefit both the manufacturers and Arla Foods Ingredients’ sales.“We have to sell much more than products. Our knowhow, development capabilities, analyses and ability to follow market trends are equally important,” Villadsen adds.

The seminar is proving an excellent forum for raising Arla Foods Ingredients’ profile as a supplier of knowledge and expertise – invaluable to speeding up the ingredient approval process. Arla Foods Ingredients is now planning the third Beijing nutrition seminar, which will be held in November 2012.