Issue 35

New protein experts in the pipeline

Graduate trainees bring a breath of fresh air with customer benefits

A new graduate trainee programme is developing the functional milk protein experts of tomorrow and bringing new knowledge to Arla Foods Ingredients.Three graduates have now completed the first six months of the 18-month programme, which was launched last year.

Value creation
Sanne Elgaard, management assistant responsible for the programme, is warmly positive about their progress so far.“The programme is devised to guarantee a holistic, customer-oriented approach. We have been surprised at how much value is created when the new knowledge that the graduates bring from their studies is combined with the expertise of existing experienced colleagues,” she says.

Tailored to interest
The hands-on programme offers two directions – sales and application – which are tailored to the interests of the trainee.  Theory covers subject areas such as basic application research, raw material approval, application analyses, production and, of course, the functional milk protein portfolio. Sales trainees may also be stationed abroad for part of their training.

New thinking
“As we grow, we need to stay on the cutting edge of development and ready to adapt. These young people are eager to learn and, because they are curious, they generate a curiosity within the rest of us. That contributes to new thinking of benefit to our customers.” Elgaard remarks.Arla Foods Ingredients plans to take on additional graduate trainees in the summer.