Issue 35

Studies investigate ingredients for clinical treatments

Leading scientists examine the effect of milk-based nutrition on Type 2 diabetes and muscle loss

Two large clinical studies are to investigate the effect of milk-based ingredients on type 2 diabetes and muscle loss during illness.

Arla Foods Ingredients will supply Lacprodan® PL-20 and a newly developed Lacprodan® whey hydrolysate for the studies, in addition to providing financial support. Both studies are funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Potential to alleviate insulin resistance
Lacprodan® PL-20 will be investigated to determine the potential effect of dietary supplementation with the phospholipid-rich ingredient on free fatty acid receptors in humans. A positive outcome could pave the way to a new approach to alleviating insulin resistance in patients with lifestyle-related, type 2 diabetes.

Part of an international, multi-disciplinary project led by Trond Ulven, associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, the diabetes study includes seven PhD projects, running over several years.

Prospects for less muscle loss
A new Lacprodan® whey hydrolysate, outstanding for its high content of the amino acid leucine, will be used in a clinical study at Aarhus University. Here, subjects with chronic lung disease and osteoporosis will receive a beverage supplemented with the hydrolysate in order to investigate the short- and long-term effect on muscle mass and function.

Professor in experimental medicinal research, Niels Møller is heading the project to determine whether dietary supplementation with leucine reduces muscle loss during chronic illness. Due to the negative impact of muscle loss on recovery, treatments that maintain muscle tissue are likely to contribute to shorter hospital stays, a reduced mortality risk and significant public health savings.

Research commitment
Arla Foods Ingredients’ participation in the studies reflects the ongoing commitment to medical research and clinical documentation of nutritional milk-based ingredients. Cooperation with external research partners plays a valuable role in strengthening ties between academia and industry.